Industrial and Machine for Membrane Switches

Industrial and Machine Field for Membrane Switches

Industrial and Machine Field for Membrane Switches

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  • Custom Membrane Switch Electric circuit
  • Custom Membrane Switch Graphic Overlay
  • On Time Delivery
  • OEM&ODM Capability Available
  • Super Big Size Graphic Overlay Manufacture
  • PCB Assembly Capability
  • Touch Screen Control Panel Assembly
  • Capacitive touch membrane circuit printed
  • Light sensive control single chip development

  Technology Development makes switches to have a big change and rigid chanllenge, an industrial revolution for switches technology is going up. For some of big size of machines in industrial machine field,  from our machenical switch to membrane switch. Even to touch screen control panel, that is our idea of progress and our thought of improvement. But also every joint key is very important, because it is a kind of innovation and invent for humen beings. Our ancestors have never done and not dare to image something like that. 

From its electric circuit and graphic overlay design to assembly even to be used for the machine and device, Every step shall take a good consideration and a delicated design. How its electric circuit to design avoid a short-circuit attack occurred? And how to use membrane key to control electric circuit close or disconnection rightly. Epecially, in some of Unique fields, they need more complex functions and features for membrane switches. So its electric control will become more and more complicated accordingly.

membrane keypads for industrial machines

Let’s tell everyone such example, our membrane switch and membrane keypad can control a big size industrial machine, just some of machining center, turning machine , milling machine and cutting machine. These machines need a precision tolerancy when they process work piece. This can decide that operation system for some machines should be high precise. For many parameter setting in its operation system is done when the machine works, but also its operation system is automactic and more intelligent. So the membrane switch panel needs setting more number and letter keys to meet its functions demands. Each membrane button or key need having a good circuit connect and a strong tactile feeling to adjust whether user have operated it.

LuphiTouch is just good at some big size membrane switches and keypads , either manufacture experience or production equipments, and inspection and testing for its functions and features. Therefore, we are all qualified, and provide our mature service and delivery on time.

➤ Enhanced Graphics Visibility

The first layer of membrane switches is a high-quality graphic overlay, also recognized as a faceplate. This layer can include unlimited colors and customized designs. In the medical equipment industry, such graphics usually work in combination with important indicators light or interface functions.

The best thing about it is that you can view a graphic overlay in a radius of 180-degree. However, achieving this is impossible with touchscreens.

➤ Sanitization and Cleanliness

It is essential to keep medical equipment as sterile and clean as possible to maintain basic hygiene. Proper sanitization and cleanliness are also important to prevent infections. Due to a smooth, sealed surface of a membrane switch, they are straightforward to clean.

On the other hand, a mechanical switch comes with buttons above the surface, making them difficult to clean. Modern-day membrane switches have an anti-microbial film design that ensures germs protection while cleaning medical equipment.

➤ Improved User Experience

Another benefit of using membrane switches in industrial and machine field contract manufacturing is that they ensure an improved overall user experience. If a membrane switch has a perfect design, it will simplify the medical equipment operation and enhances the input accuracy by the health professional.

There are some special features, such as backlighting and tactile feedback that can make the user experience to the next level. In short, membrane switches offer a far better user experience than mechanical switches.

➤ Highly Durable

A membrane switch is highly durable because of protective coverings and few or no moving parts. It makes the membrane switch the most long-lasting and reliable interface. Another advantage of these switches is that they are resistant to several elements. A fully-sealed and high-quality membrane switch resists exposure to different elements, including chemicals, dust, bodily floods, and water, etc. These are the elements that can harm electronics.

➤ Shielding

It is also possible to design membrane switches to add shielding elements. The purpose of adding shielding elements is to block ESD (electrostatic discharge) without making any compromise on the overall performance. Therefore, shielding is another benefit of these switches in medical device

➤ Embeding Membrane Keypad

PET graphic overlay with embeded dome in order to come with metal domes of electric circuit , not only have a clear view, but also enhance key’s tactile feeling when user operate the machine. Meanwhile, the number , letter and icon can be also printed on the inside back face avoid the color of words’ fade out, with anti-scratch as well.

➤ Membrane Membrane keypad with backlighting

LED chip light can be embeded to meet some of special customer demands, provide various LED backlighting effecitive membrane keypad and switches. such as Rim backlighting , pillow backlighting and Translucency backlighting etc. such backlighting membrane keypad and switches mostly are used for dark environments and dim conditions, in these environments, operation user can find clearly the funcitons and features of every key when they are run the machine !

Our factory provides Electric circuit Printed (PCB and FPC Printed), Graphic overlay printing and deform , membrane keypad and switch assembly. Inspection and testing functions and one stop service ! if you need , please inquiry now here !