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Joint Design and Manufacturing – OEM and ODM collaboration and Co-ordinate to work each other

Joint Design and Manufacturing Service , by Technology companies such as LuphiTouch have an abundance of options available to them for manufacturing, such as Joint Development Manufacturing, thanks to the fast-paced innovations in the manufacturing industries. To make the right decisions in an ever-evolving industry, it is important to stay abreast of the important information that can help one in this endeavor.

Add to it the complex relationships the have emerged between different actors in the industry such as manufacturers, integrators, resellers, and suppliers and you have an intricate decision-making process that is almost impossible to understand without having the right kind of knowledge. One, however, has to start somewhere, and doing it requires the understanding of the basics first.

Finding a good balance in the manufacturing process is what Joint Development Manufacturing optimization. It is a collaborative process in which both the outsourcing company and the manufacturer work together to ensure high quality manufacturing.

However, how does this model work and how is the collaboration made possible, to begin with? Both parties agree that the outsourcer would do its part in designing etc. The other partner would do the rest, such as the final assembly.

For instance, ODM service, a company having a design it wants to build might not have the manufacturing capacity to realize its idea. What should it do? In such a scenario, it reaches out to another party and asks them to join hands. Hence, the outsourcer enjoys significant control over the manufacturing process while also giving its partner the necessary freedom and control. As a result, a positive collaboration forms working wonderfully for both parties as both get what they want from the deal.

Electronic charter design

ODM Electric Circuit Design

Joint Design and Manufacturing & its Alternatives:

JDM , which includes of both OEM and ODM Collaboration and work each other. This is where Joint Design and Manufacturing will do all. Let us first discuss the other two to understand the situation better. An OEM is a company that manufactures a product under a contract. A company shares only the important details with the hired manufacturer, which serves as a guide for the manufacturing process.

On the other hand, an ODM is an arrangement in which a company also hands some of the designing responsibilities to a manufacturer. This model gives more freedom to an ODM because some of the design processes come under their control, giving them more freedom. Nevertheless, the final product still bears the name of the company that outsources the work to an ODM.

TurnKey Project Service (JDM Service)

Now let us see their shortcomings of the other two models. OEM arrangement does not incentivize a manufacturer to have a strong design department because the model by its nature focuses almost entirely on manufacturing.

On the other hand, the ODM partner has its deficiencies. By focusing a lot more on the design aspect, there is a risk of time wastage by the manufacturer. For instance, if there is an uncertain but a complicated project, an ODM might spend a lot of time on its design.

The hard work might not pay well in the end. In addition, ODM is a more demanding arrangement, which could take a toll on the manufacturer. When orders pile up and designing gets complicated, it gets harder to meet the deadlines. Joint Development Manufacturing (JDM) effectively fills these shortcomings.

However, how does it happen? For instance, a product is in its design stages. It is not just the responsibility of one party to do this. Both parties collaborate and exchange ideas in a joint venture, which makes the process more transparent and unique.

This is also not just about exchanging ideas. It also holds for exchanging technologies. When such collaboration happens, the exchange of technology happens as well. If there is a weakness in someone’s technological capabilities, filling it becomes easier this way.

Product’s Functions Testing at last step:

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