About Membrane Switch

membrane switch is a short-circuiting component used in normally open circuits. Because of the flexible graphic and interior layers (also known as membranes) that cover a circuit printed on PET or etched on polyimide, these switches are also known as membrane switches.

How do we make a membrane switch ?

1. Membrane Switch Design

Talk to product’s design, we have our own engineering team, can provide diversified of designs, involved of electric circuit for membrane switches and keypads, the graphic overlay for membrane switch, and other auxiliary material for switch assembly, at last complete all assembly of a membrane switch. We offer one stop design service, also receive any project for membrane switches and keypads, OEM and ODM are available.

We have experienced-engineer, who have been engaging for electric circuit control for 15 years. They draw professional electric circuit for our switches. Another, professional art designer, who are silimar with Photoshop, AI, Coredrawl etc other soft, can match accurately color according to customer’s project demands.

2. Sourcing for All Material for Membrane Switches and Samples made and confirmed

Showing a bill of list for all material for membrane switches, purchaser will buy all material for the designed membrane switch. This includes of Printed Electric Circuit board(Rigid PCB or FPC sheet), patch led, printing ink, PET graphic overlay and tactile button, even though burning control system etc. In additional, different thickness adhesive sheet is also the material required. Then we make several samples for such membrane swtiches, go through testing functions and features for these switches, and confirm the samples good !

3. Bulk production, Finish switches assembly and functionality testing

Bulk production , means that all material purchased can be processed in our factory. These material will be cutted, stamped, laminated,assemblied and some processing procedures. All we do should be complied with first sample standard at 100 persent, but also all production flows are executed in term of our first sample standard in strict. After this bulk of membrane switches finish assembly, they will come to last step. It is the key joint , to testing functionality of each product until all goods is qualified !

4. Put the goods into exported standard carton, sticking ocean marking, shipping

All qualified membrane switches will be packaged here, where , is our packaging department. Worker put these switch into some of plastic bag, or plastic shrink box or wrapped by bulb cotton sheet. In summary ,they choose the reasonable package method according to product’s package requirements. Afterwards ,reinforced outside of these cartons, sticking the shipping marking and arrange the shipment of this bulk of the goods !

In comparison to basic switch designs, complex user interfaces frequently require more components, which usually results in more layers. Multi-layered switches may have integrated components like LEDs, resistors, light sensors, and even programmable chips, as well as some type of ESD, EMI, or RFD shielding. For the circuit layer, we frequently use copper flex or PCBs to support these more robust designs. The electronic alternatives are thus essentially endless.

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