Material specification of membrane switch in pre-production stage — Mold Tooling (Part I)

Hello, everyone, I am Xiaoqiong of Luphi Electronics, this issue is to introduce you: membrane switch production material specifications – mold tooling.
These are all kinds of membrane switches produced by our factory. We said that after confirming the BOM of components, we will confirm the tooling situation of the mold, the mold name, modulus and mode. For example: panel profile cutter and module, line profile cutter and module, light guide plate profile cutter and module, back glue/line diagram file, fixed piece/surface diagram file, shading layer diagram file, waterproof frame diagram file, panel punch etc.

There are also on-line, panel convex situation, we will be introduced in the next issue. Ok, that’s it for this issue, thank you for your support, I wish you a happy life!

Posted by LuPhiTech......June.21,2024