Material specifications for membrane switch in the early production stage — Predetermined loss (complete)

Hello, everyone, I am Xiaoqiong from Luphi Electronics. In recent issues, we have talked about the material specifications and mold tooling details in the film switch production operation.About the material specifications of the BOM, components BOM, speak to the mold tooling, that today we talk about booking losses, the early stage of the production materials to the membrane switch specification part of this series is over.

As we all know, in the early production stage of the membrane switch, when the material specifications of the customer’s customized products are determined, we will start to arrange the production, so the loss of the problem will follow. In the actual production process, the relevant panel, surface adhesive, fixed piece, line, interpiece, line, base adhesive, sticker, PIN PIN, PIN sleeve, LED lamp, shrapnel, etc., will have different proportional losses.

Of course, we will do our best to maximize the ability and professionalism to reduce, but still can not completely avoid can not produce losses. Therefore, we will control the predetermined loss within a reasonable and controllable range, achieve the maximum refinement of production management, and achieve customer understanding and satisfaction. Then today’s issue is introduced here, thank you for your support, I wish you a happy life!

Posted by LuPhiTech......June.22,2024