Placement of membrane switch line layer shrapnel

Hello, everyone, this period with you to understand the placement of shrapnel membrane switch circuit layer.The shell is part of the membrane switch electronic components, has many need to pay attention to the details of the installation.

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Need to prepare in advance the shrapnel and shrapnel line layer, alignment with the line hole with shrapnel holes placed shrapnel, and pay attention to the finger fingerprint, placed shrapnel at the same time, can not make the shrapnel offset out of the hole.

Poor placement, when the pressure is insufficient, the film switch can not reach the predetermined depth, the shrapnel can not switch the contacts on the circuit, and can not send the predetermined electrical signal to the outside to execute instructions.

To properly handle the placement of shrapnel, membrane switch button can feel is good, uniform strength, high precision.

Posted by LuPhiTech......July.16,2024