Proofing membrane switch before production

Hello, this social media editor to introduce that the membrane switch quality control basis – proofing. Customers often complain about product quality, which is a test for manufacturing factories. If the manufacturer has made a good sample before the mass production of the product, then the mass output of the product is often qualified.

Proofing membrane switch before production

Generally, the factory will make samples before the membrane switch is officially produced. The customer needs to send the product data drawing or the existing membrane switch sample and detailed description of the modification to the manufacturer. Membrane switch factory confirmation after the start of proofing, proofing is the basis of product quality, the important significance lies in:

First,Check the product quality of each process of sample plate making. You can check the information contained in the document, for example, the fonts, patterns, and colors, so that you can modify the information in time. Color is difficult to control in the proofing, because different panel materials, ink density will cause the sample color changes.

Second, the sample can be used as a contract between the customer and the membrane switch factory. The contract sample should be accurately provided with the required membrane switch consistent color, and the contract sample can be printed out shortly before the quantity, so as to avoid the sample fading and distortion caused by long placement time, so as to achieve the best effect.

Posted by LuPhiTech......April.20,2024