Talking about raised membrane switch production points for attention:

Hello everyone, people who have used the membrane switch will come into contact with the membrane switch lying flat and raised membrane switch two kinds; For different customers, the selected membrane switch is heavy, so that the function of the switch can be grasped when used, and the good effect can be played.

In production and processing, matters needing attention mainly include:

First,the need for special mold machining.

Second,too much force will reduce the mechanical life.

Third,the limit temperature of raised polyester is 50℃.

Fourth,the height of the bulge should not exceed the thickness of the material.

Fifth,the plane should be less than 3mm or 5mm from the edge.

Sixth,the button raised on the frame line is 5mm less from the edge.

The membrane switch is mainly raised membrane switch, its effect is very good, so it can bring better results to customers. Its main advantage is that it enhances the decorative effect of the appearance of the membrane switch. Make the operator’s sense of touch more sensitive. The range of the bond body can be accurately specified. Improve recognition speed. Good advantages let convex key membrane switch play a greater value.

Posted by LuPhiTech......July.24,2024