Introduction to membrane switch check items

Hello, everyone, with the rapid development of the household appliance industry, the market demand for the membrane switch is more and more strict, then the membrane switch after the production of what inspection need to do? The following Xiaobian will take you to see it:

First, we should know the useful scale of our planning, as well as the required network cable and dot shape.

Second, membrane switch factory silicone key font, used font output, if the use of unconventional special font, must turn curve.

Third,the content of the panel display is not negligent. Usually contains font is garbled, graphics is not color separation, there is no static wire, film is not a scratch and so on.

Fourth,membrane switch appearance is not dirty, sometimes liquid medicine and machine roller may also cause the appearance of film stains, it will affect the quality of the printing version.

Fifth,set of questions: anchor point and corner line, the version is not complete, each is not strictly set, because of the accuracy error of the drawing and phototypesetter, after the monochrome version and once out of the version is not strictly set, all must be output together, otherwise there may be not Tao color.

Posted by LuPhiTech......July.24,2024