Membrane switch Analysis

Today We has invited engineer Larry to explain the membrane switch. 

Hello, everyone. I’m Larry from Luphi Company. Just to introduce you to the membrane switch, the membrane switch I’m holding here, is one of our membrane switches, which is a card type, look, this is a card type, and you can see it on the back here. 

This design is reserved for customers to insert cards, which can be replaced with different small panels at any time. The switch here is going to be embossing, and there’s a little dot in the middle and here, it’s going to be embossing. 

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There is a pot under each button, according to the gram weight of different sizes of pot pieces, membrane switch surface has different colors of materials, materials are made according to customer requirements, generally we have Autotype, imported and domestic.

 In addition, the common panel structure includes: panel layer, table diaphragm, upper circuit, lower diaphragm, lower circuit, back adhesive layer, so as to ensure the service life and quality of the switch! 

Posted by LuPhiTech......April.14,2024