Discussion on special connector for membrane switch

Membrane switch is widely used, usually we use the connector almost all have membrane switch.

The membrane switch has the following characteristics: light weight, small size, beautiful appearance, long service life; Moisture-proof, dust-proof, fall-resistant and earthquake-resistant; Easy to install.

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The connector of the membrane switch, also known as the connector plug-in, due to the restriction of lead line distance, lead line number, connection mode, inserting and pulling strength, as the purchase of membrane switch customers is difficult to buy their own in the market. 

To this end, manufacturers usually will membrane switch commonly used connectors performance, characteristics, parameters and other relevant information to provide, so that customers in the design of the machine structure, prior to the relevant data and make the product more perfect. 

Customers can also according to the characteristics of their own products, choose the connection form in line with the product attributes (high reliability, changeability, economy, etc.), and put forward supporting requirements to the manufacturer.

Posted by LuPhiTech......May.29,2024