Membrane KeyboardJoint Design and ManufacturingQuality service

Some special big equipment usually needs super big-size interface membrane switches and membrane keypads. The normal printing machine couldn’t meet such kind of special application. In order to serve the customers who have such kind of special requirement, LuphiTouch has bought big size printing and cutting machines which makes us can manufacture such kind of super big size membrane switches, membrane circuits for certain customer’s special application. We can manufacture a maximum of 2000*1500mm dimension membrane switches and membrane circuits.

Due to the dimension being supper big, then when selecting materials we must be careful. For the normal size membrane switches or membrane circuits, we usually use 0.125mm thick Polyester and sometimes maybe even can use 0.1mm Polyester, but when we manufacture such kind of super big size products, we couldn’t use so thin materials anymore. We must use a little thicker material, for example, 0.188mm Polyester. And for the circuit spacer materials also need much thicker than normal, otherwise, it will easily generate short circuit issues.

For such kind of super big size membrane switches and membrane circuits, the product cost and tools cost will be very high and the production lead time is also much longer. Too big to low production efficiency.

Membrane switches operate all sorts of products,from household appliances to industrial and medical equipment.Manufacturer produces quality membrane switches and touchscreen panels in a variety of sizes,designs, and functions. Please visit our factory and see how things operate here!

Posted by LuPhiTech......July.23,2024