Basic properties of silicone rubber membrane keypad

Silicone rubber is a material that is equally successfully common in products in daily life needs . The heat resistance of keypad is made of siloxane polymer raw materials exceeds that of all other plastics. Silicone rubbers maintain their operating parameters on membrane keypad manufacturer . It can afford negative temperatures, reaching -60 ℃, positive – up to +250 ℃. There are certain types of heat-resistant silicone keypads designed for use at -100 and + 400 ℃.

  • Soft and Comfortable Property

    As silicone rubber Keypad, it is soft , either comfortable, when you contact it and press it , you can feel that it is so soft and feel comfortable, compare with solid plastic button. It is soft and let user so comfortable, So such as car maker and plane manufacturer, they are considering of a replacement of material. more and more silicone rubber keypad are used for these high-grade fields . 

  • Insulation Property

  High dielectric values ​​allow the use of  silicone rubber keypads in electrical engineering. it has insulation property, so it is considered of using for electric products. Computer and notebook laptop keyboard, romote controller and good tactile feeling membrane switches.

  • Durable Property

Silicone rubber keypad can withstand any temperature load, aggressive environment. Excellent dielectric properties, resistance to ignition, and the possibility of using them at high temperatures make it possible to safely use silicone Rubber keypads in the production of insulators for power lines, power supply communications of railways. 

  • No toxic and security

For babies, nipples, attachments, toys, bottles are made of silicone rubber material. Heat-resistant silicone products are subject to repeated sterilization. As well as; do not cause any physiological reactions of rejection, wash well, do not stimulate dust adhesion.

Silicone Rubber Keypad Applications

  Computer and laptop operation keyboard with quiet

  Remote controllers and inter speakers 

 Medical inspection instrument with acid-resistance and salt etched proof at harsh environment

 Machine’s User interface panel increase operation good feeling 

 Proctect some vulnerable goods to be burned at high temperature(insulation of heat ) 

Following; silicone heat-resistant keypads are unique—moreover, impressive versatility, performance. Further, quality products from responsible manufacturers will last incomparably longer than seals from any other raw material. How to make a silicone keypad with your own hands?

Advantage of membrane silicone rubber keypad

Especially; understand the advantages of silicone; let’s compare the types of silicone rubber and PVC approved for use in the food industry. PVC keypads for connecting a cube with a steam generator, a bubbler, and a coil are unacceptable. Since they lose their properties when heated and serve as a source of harmful chemical compounds that enter the moonshine. Products made of polyurethane are also suitable here.

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