FPC Film Key switch flexible key switch soft circuit, flexible circuit board, flexible key switch, Flexible Circuit Board can be printed Flexible Circuit Board said Flexible Circuit Board. It’s a flexible, highly conductive, insulated circuit board made from polyester film. Each soft circuit has two membrane key switches to control the working state of each circuit. The utility model has the advantages of light weight, fine workmanship, good flexibility, thin thickness, precise and concentrated wiring, etc. . FPC circuit on both sides as follows: FPC circuit on both sides FPC board structure FPC board generally in the surface treatment, reduce oxidation resistance and pressure resistance. Tin Plating, nickel plating, gold plating, the surface can be coated with Rosin. The Flexible Circuit Board has single-sided, double-sided and multi-sided structure. The size is 580mm * 580Mm Min, the maximum is 1200mm * 450mm, the thickness is 0.6ー2.5 mm. It is made of polyimide material and has many dense soft circuits. FPC technology is made of Polyacrylic acid resin FPC keyboard film, which can be used as film. Using high viscosity glue, the two joints can be completely bonded. Plate surface treatment such as gold plating, surface gloss, pit oxidation is very strong. Made by special technology, the circuit board can be bendable. The use of soft acrylic layer on the plate, can be used as a welding film, can also protect the external line, the appearance of good insulation, good electrical conductivity.Thin Membrane Switch, wire switch said thin Membrane Switch, referred to as pet chip, is the most common FPC circuit board key switch. The thin film bond is tightly combined with soft wire, and the welding is protected by soft acrylic acid. With a certain degree of wear resistance and sense of operation, the key tin plating and other internal processing, forming a double-layer protection. Not Easy Oxidation, improper operation damaged the membrane key switch. SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Notebook Computer, mobile phone, automobile, electromechanical equipment, treadmill, led, connector, electronic display, safety protection equipment, automatic extraction equipment, military equipment, aviation equipment, household appliances, CNC machine tools, medical industry, testing equipment and other products. Points to note for FPC first edition. Flexible plate can not repeatedly bending, easy to break.

Membrane Switch

 The membrane key does not press hard and does not let go, easy to cause the acrylic layer softening damage or switch to lose the original feeling or even damage. The working temperature shall not exceed 70 °C, the minimum temperature shall not be lower than minus 20 °C, preferably at room temperature, so as not to affect normal work.

 In the production process, the thermal shock temperature should not exceed 288 °c, the welding temperature should not exceed 230 °c (the welding time should be controlled in 3-5s) . Attention should be paid to the maximum voltage control below 300V in electrification test.

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