Membrane Switches in Medical and HealtheCare

LuphiTouch have been certified by IS09001, IS014001, IS013485 and OHSAS18001. Our products and services are widely used in many fields, such as medical and healthcare field, in which, we have been mature to offer various kinds of membrane switches, but also these products have imported to USA, Germany, Australia and Middle East etc

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membrane switch certificate
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Membrane Switches Development

Membrane Switches was born in 80 years last century, with the development of technology ,this kind of technology have been used in many many field, due to its convenience and security, it make people to be free from some mechanical actions, and have a simple press or touch replaces of some complicated motions , During this period of a few of decades, membrane switches kept developping and improving, although, people takes many many meature to increase its security and convenience, meanwhile , more complex functions and features added into its designing. afterwards , customer have more strict requirements for custom membrane switches , promote supplier to have bigger chanllenge .

Medical and HealthCare Field For Membrane Switches Dividend from COVID-19

membrane switch dividend

Then , COVID 2019 is coming, the world was in trouble and horrible, a suddenly epedamic spreaded all over the world. At that time, goverment and consumers had any method and measurement to stop the disaster at all. People live in trouble and horrible every day, still worry about infection of themselves, that will be so terrible thing. People began to purchase medical material , such as face mask, disinfection liquid, anti-inflammatories even through cold medicine. People stay home only and close door, don’t allow any person to visit them.

All goverment all countries in the world would take various kind of measurements to prevent infection of COVID-19, aspecially, the medical inspection equipments and instruments is up here. Because they designate control and operation mod to be membrane switch , so this old new technology put on the agenda by the world again. The demand of the market for membrane switch of medical device is up fastly. China new order is fluent like snow flowers, Of course this is a dividend that market give us .

Nucleic acid testing movement is coming, this would need more more inspection instruments and testing device, control swich is no lacked, so we have get many orders from USA , Germany and Japan , but their requirement is so high, some of them is a little complex. As the center of the world manufacture, China, We can solve these problem,we provide Membrane Switches in Medical and HealtheCare satified products , to be ensured of security of people lives .

Membrane Switches Professional Supplier For Medical and HealthCare Field

  • Dongguan LuPhi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (short for LuPhiTouch bellow) is established in 2008. The factory area is about 3500 square meters.
  • We have Bright and Spacious dust-clear Workshop, advanced production equipment and encapsulation equipments and skilled workers and fully reinforced engineer team,
  • LuphiTouch have been certified by IS09001, IS014001, IS013485 and OHSAS18001. 
  • We have been specializing for membrane switches’ D&R and Manufacture for 15 yeasr, can design and process various kinds of backlit membrane keypads for the switch,include of the LED backlit switch, EL backlit switch and LGF backlit switch.
  • LuphiToch ensure the goods of each customer is shiped on time
  • Meet the demands of membrane switches includes of Electric curcuit printing , graphic overlay design and printing , tactile dome and adhesive encapsulation , assembly at last !

Service provided by LuphiTouch

Enhanced Graphics Visibility

The first layer of membrane switches is a high-quality graphic overlay, also recognized as a faceplate. This layer can include unlimited colors and customized designs. In the medical equipment industry, such graphics usually work in combination with important indicators light or interface functions.

The best thing about it is that you can view a graphic overlay in a radius of 180-degree. However, achieving this is impossible with touchscreens.

Sanitization and Cleanliness

It is essential to keep medical equipment as sterile and clean as possible to maintain basic hygiene. Proper sanitization and cleanliness are also important to prevent infections. Due to a smooth, sealed surface of a membrane switch, they are straightforward to clean.

On the other hand, a mechanical switch comes with buttons above the surface, making them difficult to clean. Modern-day membrane switches have an anti-microbial film design that ensures germs protection while cleaning medical equipment.

Improved User Experience

Another benefit of using membrane switches in medical device contract manufacturing is that they ensure an improved overall user experience. If a membrane switch has a perfect design, it will simplify the medical equipment operation and enhances the input accuracy by the health professional.

There are some special features, such as backlighting and tactile feedback that can make the user experience to the next level. In short, membrane switches offer a far better user experience than mechanical switches.

Highly Durable

A membrane switch is highly durable because of protective coverings and few or no moving parts. It makes the membrane switch the most long-lasting and reliable interface. Another advantage of these switches is that they are resistant to several elements. A fully-sealed and high-quality membrane switch resists exposure to different elements, including chemicals, dust, bodily floods, and water, etc. These are the elements that can harm electronics.


It is also possible to design membrane switches to add shielding elements. The purpose of adding shielding elements is to block ESD (electrostatic discharge) without making any compromise on the overall performance. Therefore, shielding is another benefit of these switches in medical device contract manufacturing.

Apart from the above-listed benefits, there are also several other benefits of using membrane switches. Membrane switches are compact devices, offering top-of-the-line, and high-performance functionality. Therefore, they help in ensuring easy-to-use, portable medical devices that include in-home diagnostic tools and equipment.

Another best thing about these switches is that you can customize them completely according to specific requirements and specifications. The design flexibility is a big benefit that is not available with mechanical switches.

Finding the Right Membrane Switch Manufacturer for Medical and HealthCare Field

After deciding that these switches are perfect for your specific products, you need to find a reliable manufacturing partner. Make sure that the manufacturer you choose follows the medical manufacturing strict standards.

Therefore, you should look for a manufacturer with vast experience in the production of medical equipment membrane switches. Apart from that, also make sure that the facility is FDA registered and ISO-13485 certified.

Remember that the membrane switches manufacturer you choose is the most critical factor that can make or break a project. To make sure that you are choosing the right membrane switch medical device contract manufacturing source, pay attention to the following considerations:

  • Did they have any working experience with a similar application like yours?
  • Are they a certified membrane switch manufacturer for the medical equipment industry?
  • What is the approach of the manufacturer towards prototyping?
  • Does the manufacturer have a team of in-house design professionals?
  • How they optimize their process to ensure greater efficiency?
  • Do they have the capabilities of managing color consistency?

You can ask the above-listed queries to the manufacturer before you hire. It is also a good idea to ask them about what other, relevant services do they provide. Never hire any manufacturer unless you are 100% sure about their quality standards, reliability, and overall reputation.

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