Membrane switches have many types, All depend on its functions and applications customer want to completely. Therefore, they all have top decoration overlay and electric circuit printed, because by these parts, it can control the machine and device . As what we see at daily life, lighting color, brightness and dimness, Temperature adjustment, timer setting, Caculator functions execution and other complex special programme. To realize these, we must have more hardware components to install. Something like these, we often see membrane switches with display unit on some of hold appliance and testing instruments.

membrane switch with display screen

This is an industrial revolutoinary for switch control. Nowadays, traditional heavy mechanical switch is just replaced by portable membrane switch step by step. While people found membrane switch is portable, simple and more security, due to its advantage under micro-electricity operation so that avoid electricity shock accident occurs largely during user’s operation period.

For each membrane switch, its circuit control functions shoule be realizied by single chip programme. So its constructure become more complicated. Membrane switch circuit must be comply with single chip programme to design, make printed circuit board(Rigid circuit board or flexiable circuit board). Sometimes, according to different demarnds from end customer, these membrane switches will be customized. Such as comparable project , which is membrane switch with display unit. It needs to display number or letter on its screen when user operate it.

If user want to realize such function, our engineeer should integrate the switch controll into display unit. They should take into consideration of button controll and display unit number presention and changement together. As this requirement, engineer will edit single chip control programme, then install eletric components and testing its function, produce perfect finished products at last.

Which hardwares are for such membrane switch with display unit ?

Three parts are main element, Includes of tacticle membrane keypad, Printed circuit board and clearly LCD/LED display screen.

Tacticle membrane keypad

Three layers or muitil-layers type membrane lamination structure. Top graphic overlay, Upper electric circuit layers( top layer metal dome buttons layer , adhesive insulation sandwich layer and lower printed circuit layer) and rear fixed panel layer.

Rigid PCB board with single chip control

Custom Rigid Printed Circuit Board, on which more custom electric components. They contain copper slip embeded circuit printing, capacitor, resistance, precision chip and connection port ect. These things comprise into a good property PCB assembly.

High quality LED/LCD display screen

According to customer’s requirement, purchase high quality LED/LCD display screen. Its standard depends on display demand end user want to and sharpness the display screen present.

Custom SingleChip Programme Development

Engineer edit reasonable development programme as each button functions of membrane switch. In additonal to , display screen’s presention is also set for customer’s function requirements. Then have a strict testing for all fuctions. The whole switch run perfect , our programme development is so best !

Posted by LuPhiTech......May.28,2024