Production site album(Part I I)😊 ~ Membrane Switch,Membrane Keypad #membraneswitch

Hello everyone, Membrane switches operate all sorts of products,from household appliances to industrial and medical equipment.Manufacturer produces quality membrane switches and touchscreen panels in a variety of sizes,designs, and functions.

This is an on-site production video of important production processes shot in our factory production workshop. Thank you for paying attention to us. We hope that through the video introduction, everyone can get to know us better and understand the important steps and operations in the production process of membrane switch-related products.

LuPhiTech,a professional OEM manufacturer of user interface subassembly products.LuPhiTech is located in south of China in Dongguan,and since 2008 the core of its business is manufacturing an export of membrane switches & keypads, capacitive switches, silicone Rubbert keypads, graphic overlays, and touchscreen panels. Besides,they also offer mechanical design and PCBA development, as well as development of single-chip solutions, keypad backlighting, and turnkey assembly. 

Posted by LuPhiTech......May.29,2024