Speaking of Rubber Keypads, I believe that people are not very familiar with people, but when it comes to plastic products, I believe that basically every life people know, because the plastic products have been deeply integrated into the people’s lives, accompanied by people’s lives But for Rubber Keypads, in fact, Rubber Keypads and plastic products are widely used in people’s lives, the production of which, because the silicone industry started relatively late, the penetration rate is relatively late, before the silica gel compared to cheap Of the plastic is very expensive, with the development of science and technology, for the study of silica gel Rubber Keypads also become civilians, the following description of life we deal with those Rubber Keypads.

Maybe we do not know, we often cook the pressure cooker, rice cooker above the ring, we use the phone sets, laptop keyboard protective film, eat lunch box inside the ring, children drink milk pacifier, bottle, etc. These are everyone Life is often used in the product, are Rubber Keypads.

In other areas is the emergence of rubber buttons, we go to the museum to see some of the restoration of cultural relics, copy of the cultural relics are mostly used silicone material, as well as home decoration above, beautiful fashion handicrafts, a lot of colorful lighting There is a silicone product present. In the medical industry and the electronics industry, Rubber Keypads are also everywhere.

Rubber buttons can be so widely used in the community thanks to the Rubber Keypads with high temperature, life of the plant, corrosion-resistant, non-pressure, not deformable, waterproof and moisture-proof features, more importantly, Rubber Keypads completely non-toxic Environmental protection, can be recycled, so now a lot of plastic products are also replaced by Rubber Keypads, and the future believe that the rubber market share of Rubber Keypads will gradually catch up with plastic products, more widely used in people’s lives, because health, Practical products have always been human beings most want to have.

Before, Tiancheng Rubber as a professional rubber key factory, but also for everyone about the rubber key of the professional knowledge, then today we give you universal how to judge the quality of those Rubber Keypads quality is good or bad. The

First of all, to understand the tear strength and tensile strength under it. Because the tear strength difference Rubber Keypads generally appear in the tear process prone to cracks, which force the rapid expansion of the crack caused by the phenomenon of damage. And high tear strength rubber key anti-damage ability, long life, not susceptible to external environment interference.

Secondly, to observe its elasticity. Because the elasticity of the Rubber Keypads is mainly due to the movement of the rubber molecular segments, the good Rubber Keypads are elastic. So this is the basic point of inspection of high quality Rubber Keypads.

Finally, try the Rubber Keypads on the surface will be easy to friction off to see the wear resistance of silicone products. The abrasion resistance is generally manifested in the ability of the surface of the silicone product to be susceptible to loss. Good Rubber Keypads the appearance, text, color, the surface is rarely due to external factors of friction and damage. The

All in all, whether it is silicone keys, silicone keyboard, or silicone miscellaneous pieces, silicone jewelry.

As long as we can be based on these three points can easily determine its quality is good or bad. Luphi Electronics special rubber products factory 6 years of professional experience 15 years, with sophisticated detection equipment, advanced production equipment, professional technical team. Welcome to come to business consulting, product customization!

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