Tactile Membrane Keypad Introduction

Tactile Membrane Keypad depending on the position and arrangement of these internal components, different switches will give different typing feelings. But in principle there are three basic types of mechanical switches: clicky, tactile and linear. In which Clicky gives a strong, sharp touch, in the middle of the key stroke there is a clear notch accompanied by a loud sound. Tactile gives good touch still has a notch but the sound is much smaller. The Linear switch is completely smooth, tactile, has no rattle, and is completely quiet. Depending on the resistance of the spring on each type of switch, the force required to receive the key will be different on Tactile Membrane Keypad. The shape of the stem and the design of the housing will determine the actuation distance and travel distance of the keys.

Comparison between mechanical and membrane keyboards

Mechanical keyboards compared to membrane keyboards and dome-switch keyboards are bulky in every way. When clicking the key, its clicking sound is so higher, although it have brought many benefits to  humen beings.

With technology development and improvement continueously,  people found that keys with tactile feeling and quiet sound has better feeling and comfortation sensation, but also their lifespan is more longer, using them , control a industrial machine sometimes .  Since its inception, some of mechanical keyboard begin to be replaced by membrane keypad with metal tactile dome key or  membrane keypad with P +R  Silicone Rubber membrane keypad. because their graphic overlay can be printed with colored patterns and icons, they can have more  beautiful appearance, compare with machenical membrane keypad with black and white color printing.

Buckling Spring keyboard Introduced

Buckling spring technology was patented in the US for the first time in 1978. To this day, there are still many typing and coding professionals. They love this buckling spring keyboard other than Tactile Membrane Keypad technology. The mechanism of the buckling spring is based on driving a small hammer. It is to strike a capacitive or membrane switch to create a contact where the key is pressed. The first keyboard to use a buckling spring switch was the IBM Model M. After many production model conversions, the original design and some trendy modifications are still available on Unicomp keyboards.

Hall effects keyboard

Hall effects keyboards use Hall effects sensing magnets instead of switches with normal mechanical contact. When the key is pressed, a magnet moves inside and that movement is detected by a solid sensor. In principle, this is also a type of Tactile Membrane Keypad in which there is no physical contact in the operating mechanism, so the accuracy and durability are very high.

What Are Hall Effect Keyboard Switches, And How Do They Work? Hall effects switches are common in high-end keyboards and in high-reliability equipment such as nuclear plants, aircraft cockpits, rockets, etc. They are completely impermeable water, dust-free and unaffected by outside temperature and humidity. And of course the price to make these keyboards is extremely expensive.

Comparison of rubber membrane keyboards and Tactile Membrane Keypad

Benefits of rubber membrane keyboard: Because it is a rubber membrane, the typing sound is very lower. In general, there are many types of membrane keyboards on the market, so they are easy to find with models to suit your needs. Rubber membrane keyboards are usually very cheap because the materials they are made from are very common but less durable.

Benefits of Tactile Membrane Keypad: Faster typing speed and much longer lifespan. The average lifespan for each mechanical switch is about 50 million keystrokes. And a rubber membrane keyboard will never have that kind of life. The feeling of typing is better, happier and more specific on mechanical keyboards. Something that rubber membrane keyboards can’t have.

On tactile membrane keypad, light passes through the letters, causing the keys to light up. On the backlit keyboards, the light is between the letters, so they don’t pass through them. This type of keyboard is extremely common in notebooks and gaming computers. Also, in tactile membrane keypad, they come with a red light that helps players a lot when it comes to gaming. Some models even have a command that turns off the light, so the lighting does not stay on during the day or during the game, which can sometimes be annoying, depending on the player.

Let’s see some ways to be careful with tactile membrane keypad?

Illuminated keyboards use more battery due to illumination, did you know? Some keyboard models have cables. They plug directly into the USB on the PC or notebook, while others are wireless, requiring batteries or batteries. In order not to experience inconveniences during the game and not to be on hand, it is important to always keep the charger close by so that it does not turn off due to lack of battery.

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