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A tactile membrane switch embeds a metal elastic dome or silicone rubber keypad combined with conductive carbon pills molding into keys or buttons appropriate elastic response. As plastic overlay for this membrane switch, under this top overlay , there is many metal domes to enhance its tactile properties for its keys or buttons. These domes can be made of conductive materials, maybe it is designed into arch with four feet so that being convenient for user to press down.    When user press down one dome, Dome contact with underneath circuit layer,  close electric circuit. Release the dome, circuit disconnected.  By dome’s tactile property, it will control circuit connection and disconnection completely. In most applications for membrane switch field, such tactile membrane switch is most !

Parameter reference (based on the actual product):

brandLuPhi/LuphiTouchProcessing customizationyes
Key lifespan≥ 1 million timesRebound time6ms
working voltage<35V (DC)Working current≤ 100mA
contact resistance0.5~10 ΩWorking resistance40 Ω~500 Ω
insulation resistance>100M Ω 250V DCSubstrate pressure resistance2kDVC
working temperature-25 ℃~+80 ℃Atmospheric pressure86~106kPa
Waterproof technologyIP65-IP67LGF/LED/ELSupport customization
Product CertificationISO9001:2015Applicable scopeMedical equipment, industrial control, transportation, instrumentation, household appliances, electronic entertainment, testing equipment, communication equipment
typeMembrane switchUsing MaterialsPC/PET/PVC/Acrylic/Anti static
3C rated voltage range440V and belowProtective functionWaterproof and anti-static
Monthly production capacity2000000PCSProduct processscreen printing
Posted by LuPhiTech......July.24,2024