The secret of membrane switch principle

The secret behind the principle of a membrane switch lies in the collaboration of numerous individuals and generations of research and development. The ultimate goal of this continuous effort is to enhance the comfort and convenience of people’s lives. The introduction of new industrial products is often subtle, seamlessly integrating into our daily routines. Although you might not fully comprehend these products, you will undoubtedly come across them in your day-to-day life. Understanding how they function can prove beneficial in solving minor issues. This article aims to shed light on a new type of industrial product, providing an insight into its underlying principle.

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The membrane switch is an advanced operating system that combines key functions, indicating elements, and instrument panels. It is comprised of four essential components: the panel, upper circuit, isolation layer, and lower circuit. Operating as a light touch normally open switch, the membrane switch typically has its upper and lower contacts disconnected. However, when the switch is pressed, the contacts of the upper circuit deform downward, making contact with the pole plates of the lower circuit. Upon releasing the pressure, the contacts of the upper circuit bounce back, disconnecting the circuit and triggering a signal. The membrane switch boasts a compact structure, appealing appearance, and excellent sealing performance. It is also characterized by its resistance to moisture and long service life.

Widely used in electronic communications, electronic measuring instruments, industrial control, medical equipment, automotive industry, smart toys, household appliances and other fields.

Membrane Keyboard,Membrane Switch,Membrane Keypad,Touchscreen Panel, silicone rubber keyboard,silicone rubber keypad, Capacitive Switches

The multi-layer structure (flat) type (non-locking) key switch composed of a certain elastic insulating material layer is often called a membrane switch. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, long service life, simple structure, convenient installation, good use feeling and small footprint. Tact switch market. It has a large share in the market.

The structure of membrane switch: panel, panel glue, upper circuit, isolation layer (circuit key, surface key), lower circuit and glue layer. The mask layer, the upper wiring layer and the lower wiring layer are transparent films. The main materials used are PC, PET, PVC. The material of mask glue, isolation layer and glue layer is double-sided tape (commonly known as sandwich). Key trigger principle: When the mask is not pressed, the isolation layer will isolate the upper and lower lines. When the mask layer is pressed, the upper circuit is activated and overlaps with the lower circuit, making the circuit conductive. Wires provide signals to externally connected devices (substrates). realize its corresponding function. The surface of the substrate should be flat and free of rust, and it should be cleaned with alcohol or gasoline before installation.

The life of the membrane switch can generally reach more than 10,000 times. The action of the switch can only be achieved by the vertical orientation of the elastic membrane. Although the elastic film undergoes a million times of creep, the magnitude of the creep is very small. Only 0.1-0.3MM, plus the rationality of material selection, so the membrane material can withstand more than one million times of ultra-long life without deformation, which determines the durability of the membrane switch.

The sealing requirements are strict, but after the production is completed, the switch contacts will not be eroded by harmful gases, not easy to be oxidized, waterproof, dustproof, oilproof, suitable for various harsh environments. Membrane switches are designed to be arranged to form membrane keyboards, with high density and a hermetically sealed sheet structure composed of multiple layers of membranes. All connections and pin assignments between switches are silkscreened once. The total thickness is 1-3MM. The volume is greatly reduced. Light weight and reliable quality. Compared with traditional mechanical switches, the installation is convenient and simple. Gently stick it, tear off the tape, then fix the surface of the whole machine, insert the lead wire into the circuit socket on the back of the whole machine, the circuit is instantly connected, and it is used after the whole machine is completed. In terms of styling design, according to the user’s design concept, the color pattern can reflect the personality, and the decorative effect can reflect the beauty of the material and production process.

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