Best Companies that offer SingleChip Development

  When we talk about membrane switches, the available product categories involve capacitive and resistive membrane switches. When it comes to capacitive switches, most users require special features, such as logic functions, sound, and backlighting, etc. The Singlechip development becomes necessary to integrate such special features into these switches. In this article, we will list a few top companies offering this technology. But before that, we will talk about the historical development of single-chip technology.

Importance of SingleChip Development

Single-chip development enables the designers to make customized electronics design according to the special demands of the customers. Without membrane switch Singlechip development, designers cannot integrate many special membrane switch features. Usually, customers do not have any idea about their requirements. For instance, they would only know about the buttons’ character, out-shape dimensions, the number of operation buttons, logic function, or LCD display they need. It is the manufacturers who can help you with what type of feedback is perfect for the products of the customers.

Historical Development of SingleChip Microprocessors

Microprocessors were first introduced in 1971. After that, these microprocessors went through different stages, such as SCM, MCU, and SOC. The initial SCM microprocessors were 4 or 8 bits. Intel’s 8051 was a top-of-the-line microprocessor that had a huge success at that time. After that, several MCS51 MCU systems were designed on 8051. We still have several single-chip systems that use this system. 16-bit single-chip computers are also developed with improvements in the industrial control field requirements. However, it didn’t have a huge success due to an unsatisfactory ratio between performance and price. The consumer electronics market witnessed the very first products in the late 1990s after which the Singlechip development technology got a huge improvement. In the series of Intel’s i960, especially the ARM series, the 16-bit microprocessors were replaced by 16-bit single-chip microprocessors. The 8-bit single-chip microprocessor computer performance also improved quickly with a dramatic improvement in the capacity of processing. The main high-end 32 bit SOC microprocessor frequency crossed 300 MHz, while the performance challenging the special microprocessors in the middle of the 1990s. With this, an ordinary model’s price also decreased to $1. Current single-chip systems are no more only designed and used in the bare environment. Various dedicated operating programs are in use by a series of single-chip microprocessor computers. As the base of mobile phones and handheld computers, advanced MCU systems can use dedicated Linux and Windows operating systems directly.

Early Stage

Single-chip microprocessor (SCM) is the initial stage in which we look for the best-embedded system architecture with one chip morphology. Due to a huge success, there is an entirely different path of development between general-purpose computers and SCM. Intel gets all the credit for its immense contribution to the embedded systems’ independent development.

Medium-Term Development

MCU is a stage of micro-controller-unit. The main objective of this development in the technology is to develop several interface circuits and peripheral circuits to fulfill embedded application requirements and focus on the object’s ability of intelligent control. Every single field it includes has a link to object systems. Therefore, electronic and electrical technology manufacturers are inevitably responsible for developing the MCU. From this perspective, the Intel MCU development’s ongoing fading out has its objective factors. Phillips is known as the most popular manufacturer in MCU development. Phillips is known for developing MCS51 using Singlechip development of microprocessor due to its exceptional benefits in embedded user applications. Therefore, we cannot ignore the historic merits of Phillips and Inter while reviewing the embedded systems development.

Recent Trends

The independent system-on-chip (SoC) embedded system development is a vital factor in MCU development, which seeks the full application system solution on the chip. Therefore, the special-purpose microprocessor development forms the SoC trend naturally. With the microelectronics technology development, EDA tools & IC design, the SCM application program design based on the SoC would have exceptional development. Thus, the MCU understanding can be extendable MCU-MCU to the MCU application program. Now, you have learned about the importance and different stages of Singlechip development. It should clear your concept about the evolution and importance of the single-chip microprocessors. However, we will discuss the different single-chip microprocessors in detail in one of our next articles.

Best Companies Offering Single-chip Development

Today, various companies are offering single-chip development technology to customers. For instance, LuphiTouch is one of the reliable single-chip software development companies that you can trust. However, several other companies are also available in the market that you can consider. Here is the list of the top 10 companies that help their customers in making single-chip software development electronics design according to their specific requirements:

  • INTC (Intel Corp.)
  • QCOM (Qualcomm Inc.)
  • AVGO (Broadcom Inc.)
  • MU (Micron Technology Inc.)
  • TXN (Texas Instruments Inc.)
  • LuphiTouch
  • ASX (ASE Technology Holdings Co. Ltd.)
  • NVDA (NVIDIA Corp.)
  • STM (STMicrorelectronics NV)
  • NXPI (NXP Semiconductors)

The above listed are the top companies that offer top-of-the-line Singlechip development to the customers. To choose the best company for your single-chip development project, you can go through their work history and customer reviews. Keep in mind that choosing the right company is important for the success of your project.


Membrane switch technology is still flourishing decades after its inception. Their mechanical counterparts are yet to beat them in reliability and performance due to the straightforward design, durability, and design flexibility of the membrane switches. Singlechip development is an essential upgrade in the technology without which integration of many special features is not possible with membrane switches. Engineers use single-chip development technology to integrate features, like backlighting, logic functions, and sound, etc. Therefore, you cannot rule out the importance of single-chip development and the technology would keep on expanding in the future. Before you choose any single-chip development company for your project, we advise you to do a little research about the best company around. We recommend you to look for a company that has positive client reviews and is offering this technology at economical rates. Keep visiting us for more information on single-chip development technology.

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