We think touch membrane switch is a kind of product from the development of newly technology. It will replace our tactile membrane switches step by step with the development of society and progress of technology. Because such switch has its unique advantages, compare with tactile membrane switch, it is portable and easy to carry. Once Touching special parts on switch control panel, user can control a machine and device on and off. People think its operation is more easiler and convenient without pressing any buttons and keys hardly. More and more engineers have been designing various kind shapes of touch membrane switch to meet market demands. Its circuit design is far different from tactile membrane switch’s that. Precision extent is more and more higher.

Touch Membrane switch needs high sensitive light control IC chip to control

capacitive touch membrane switches
touch panel

Touch membrane switch is lamination structure, with top overlay indictation panel, flexiable printed circuit control layer, PCB mainboard and adhesive insulation spacer layer in together to combine a finished membrane control switch.

Comes with such flexiable printed control circuit layer, it need have some of light sensation IC chip execute orders to realize touching finger action. Besides, we have to have arduino programme to control. That is complated electronic integrated assembly in any meaning, need sophisticated engineer to do these thing. For example, electronic assemblies, injection of programme and functionality testing and improvements. This is one kind of capacitive touch membrane switches, it has an additional flexiable printed circuit is seen by nake eyes.

switch touch membrane circuit
touch circuit

its overlay is a rigid translucency plastic panel, easy to touch by finger

On the top of such membrane switch, a plastic panel is covered on the flexiable printed circuit layer. It can be made of PMMA, PC , or other plastic material. On which , some of numbers and letters, ever icons will be screen printed or engraved. In another side, it can be set backlighting effective, this make user adjust touch right position whenever in white day or in the dim environment in dark day.

Its surface is so smoothly, so evenly. Unlike tactile membrane switch’s overlay, on which there are some of convex buttons and keys, circle shape, arch angle rectangular, ellipse and other special shapes. They need have a strong press down action to control this switch. But Touch membrane switch, only user have a touch action on the special area on the surface of the switch with finger, we will realize control the machine or device to work. Almost using finger touching replace pressing down action, make life more simle and convenience.

It is a PCB integrated assembly for Electronic Control System

A integrated PCB assembly is basic of core of the touch membrane switch. It need assembly some of IC chip and other electronic components welded on the pcb board, build a reasonable electric circuit control module successfully. Arduino Frame edit software is no lack of, it is machine brain method an thought, help the machine have a execution action. We use this control module to finish the machine functions. In Summary, work of a machine can depend on this PCB integrated assembly Module to control.

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