Touchscreen LCD Display Module: LT-8572 Touch Display Module(Part2)

Most of time the touchscreen or the LCD is not separately showed before us. They usually combined together to be a complete touch display module. LuphiTouch produces the touchscreens by ourself and source the LCDs from our long time cooperated partners and then make assembly by ourself. Except for the traditional touchscreen-LCD assembly modules, we also can do the capacitive touch membrane switch modules. The capacitive membrane swtches are also usually be combined with the TFT LCDs and OLEDs. For the capacitive mebrane switch modules, we can do the one stop solutions for our clients. From mechatronics design to function control software development and prototypes making, series production etc.

Parameter reference (based on the actual product)

1) 3.2″ TFT Touch LCD Module Display;

2) 3.5″ Touchscreen Panel;

3) STM32 STM32F103VCT6 Dev. control board;

Posted by LuPhiTech......July.24,2024