An illustration of the main components of a capacitive sensor for touch screen

The properties of touch screen has many kinds , it is more operatable.

When a different voltage appears between any two or more electrodes, an electrostatic field is generated. Although the field is strongest in the area between and around the electrodes, it also acts at some distance from them. When approaching this area of ​​a conductive object, the fields change, and it becomes possible to measure the resulting change in capacitance between the two active electrodes.

It is this difference in capacitance that is common to determine the position of the finger touching user interface with touch screen. When a potential difference occurs in a subset of the electrodes, the other electrodes will either be electrically isolated individually, or all are electrically connected but electrically isolated. Thus, they will have some permanent but unknown potential.

User interface assemblied with touch screen Properties

  • More convenient to operate it , compare with PET tactile membrane switches
  • Images and icons are more clearly, compare with embeded graphic and icons on PC sheets
  • Cleanliness and hygiene Properties, Operate with finger directly, choosing touch pen as well.
  • Responsive speed is higher due to it is lighting sensation, compare with tactile membrane switches.
  • Have a more longer lifespan , because it has a less material loss.
  • More Complex functions and features for machines and devices setting.
  • Easy to install and disattached.
touch screen membrane switch

User interface assemlied with touch screen will be used for many fields

In this article we have therefore explored the world user interface assemblied with touch screen. Explaining how can be useful to you to create the right instrument for your application for your equipment and device need to realize its operation funcions.

Posted by LuPhiTech......July.16,2024