What are the advantages of the film panel?

The advantages of the film panel are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Beautiful appearance:Modern screen printing technology with high-end design
We can make the design with customer Requirement.

Comfortable feel: delicate feel, improve product quality,and stable quality.

Tear and use: easy to assemble, come with the back glue, very easy to carry and disassemble.

High reliability: the membrane switch can be pressed up to two million times.

Low cost: The cost of the membrane switch is lower than that of the ordinary switch.

Small size and light weight,Conventional membrane switch total around one millimeter thickness,Weighs only a few grams to tens of grams.

Long service life: the service life can generally reach more than three years.

To sum up, the film panel has a variety of advantages,Including waterproof, dustproof, friction resistance, non-fading, easy to beautify decoration,
Easy installation, sensitive touch operation, good sealing, strong viscosity and a wide range of applications.
These advantages make it widely used in various fields.

Posted by LuPhiTech......June.21,2024