automotive capacitive switch was created, cars have received many innovations and adaptations. In fact, every time technology advances, new components are added to these vehicles. However, the main changes came with the invention of the automotive switch and sensors. These gadgets are very important for the proper functioning of a vehicle. Indeed, modern cars would not exist without them. Therefore, for the proper functioning of a car, it is important to choose a suitable and quality automotive switch and sensor.

Automotive Capacitive switch: what they are, types and how they work

So, in this article, you will learn more about these parts. How they work and which are the most recommended by experts. So, if you work in a car parts distributor, you will have the opportunity to get to know a 100% national brand that, for years, has grown in prestige and quality. So, read this content carefully and learn everything you need to know about automotive capacitive switch.

What is an Automotive Capacitive Switch?

Switches are common objects in our daily lives. When you wake up in the morning or come home at night, you flip a switch to light up a room, for example. Thus, these are objects that allow the activation of some mechanism by the release of an electric current. Ordinary users don’t realize it, but a car is full of switches. During a single trip, a driver triggers a large number of these.

Main types of Automotive Capacitive Switch

Automotive Oil Pressure Switch

It is a device that matches the car’s oil pressure. When the pressure is low, the automotive capacitive switch is activated and turns on a light on the vehicle’s dashboard. This way, the driver will know that it is necessary to review his lubrication system.

Intermec Oil Pressure Switches

Reverse switch Responsible for activating the rear lights in the rear of the car and the rear camera. It is mechanically activated by means of a metal rod connected to the gearbox. This metal device presses a spring that activates the switch in question. Brake light switch, It is activated by the driver when he presses the brake pedal. Its function is to allow the passage of current to turn on the rear brake lights. Another very important component for the functioning of cars is the automotive sensor. This equipment has a different function than the automotive capacitive switch.

Is automotive sensor the same thing as Automotive Capacitive Switch?

No. In turn, automotive sensors are responsible for assessing specific car conditions. Its function is to generate information for the driver to drive safely. They are like “thermometers” that tell you if everything is fine with the engine and other parts of the car. Thus, while the switches trigger specific systems and indicators, the sensors generate information about the car’s state.

How do automotive sensors work?

First, it is important to understand that there is more than one type of automotive sensor. In this article, we’ll cover the three main types. To better explain them, we will classify them according to the way they work.

Resistive sensors

Automotive capacitive switch has different function than resistor. Resistors are elements that can hinder or facilitate the passage of an electrical current in a circuit. Typically, they are common to measure some condition. By controlling the passage of current, these sensors generate much of the information that appears on the panel.

Inductive sensors

They are equipment that generates electric current from a magnetic field. One of the main applications is in the electronic injection of some models.

Inductive sensors work from a magnetic field

The movement of the gears activates a magnet that generates the magnetic field necessary to activate this sensor. In this way, the injection is activated in proportion to the rotation of the engine gear. This ensures greater fuel economy.

Rotation sensors

They are another modality of automotive capacitive switch or sensor common to measure the speed that appears on the panel. Briefly, the sensor converts velocity into electrical pulses.  This information is converted in the car center into numerical data that appears on the dashboard display. The technology for measuring the rotation frequency of motor gears on some models is similar. After this explanation, it was easy to understand the difference between sensors and switches. While one generates information, the second is responsible for the “on and off” circuit. In a vehicle, these pieces of equipment work together. Now imagine what happens when a switch doesn’t work well.

What are the risks of using low quality Automotive Capacitive Switch?

As you’ve noticed throughout the text, it is impossible for a car to work well without the work of good automotive capacitive switch. In fact, choosing inferior quality switches can seriously damage the electrical and even mechanical parts of a vehicle. Furthermore, it is possible for these devices to cause serious accidents. So, don’t offer your customers low quality switches. Poor quality automotive switch can cause problems not only for customers. Part replacement and repair costs are headaches you definitely don’t want. However, this does not mean that you must import foreign parts for quality. Despite the guarantee of a product that will meet their needs, the price will turn your customers away.

Why Automotive Capacitive Switch is expensive?

Import and customs fees will make the automotive capacitive switch very expensive. Not to mention the delay and complexity to buy and import products from abroad. In addition, it is already possible to find switches that meet international standards without leaving anything. If you want to know how this is possible, read the following topic:

How to choose a good Automotive Capacitive Switch?

As with all products, customers expect an automotive switch to have a good price and excellent quality. It is usually difficult to reconcile these two issues in the same product. When it comes to automotive technological equipment, the choice is even more complicated. Thus, it is necessary to choose automotive capacitive switch that inspires customer confidence. Crumbs can end up falling into the keys, causing the keys to stick and difficult to use. Crumbs can also fall between the keys and, if the owner does a cleaning ‘anyway’, rubbing hard and with inappropriate products, can damage the capacitive switch and even the notebook. It’s important to note that just as crumbs can get in the way, excess dust can also damage your capacitive switch. However, to avoid this inconvenience, we can carry out cleaning regularly, which we will explain below.

Use protective films over the automotive capacitive switch

These films are affordable and easy to find! It comes in a variety of types and sizes, so you can buy the one that fits your capacitive switch perfectly and provides complete protection. They are silicone, being very soft and do not bother you when using your capacitive switch. In addition, they make cleaning a lot easier, since you wouldn’t need to do such frequent cleaning on the keys, since the film will be protecting. Adhesive with wrist protection They are great for preventing marks and smudges on the bottom of the notebook. Sometimes our wrists can be dirty or sweaty, which can end up staining the underside of the automotive capacitive switch without us realizing it. This sticker ends up having the same function as the films we talked about earlier, avoiding such frequent cleaning, however, for a more specific part of the capacitive switch.

Keep the automotive capacitive switch away from liquids

It is very common to drink water, soda, juice, among others, while using the PC or notebook and place the bottle or glass next to the automotive capacitive switch. Be very careful, as this simple act of leaving liquids close to the capacitive switch  can cause an accident and spill the liquid over the capacitive switch , causing great discomfort as these parts of illuminated capacitive switch  usually do not repair in case of accidents with liquids. .

Keep stored in appropriate places

When storing your capacitive switch, be sure to keep it in safe places, away from liquids, as mentioned above, high places, away from food, and other factors that could cause an accident and damage your capacitive switch. Therefore, some of the advantages of membrane capacitive switch are:

  • Cheap to produce;
  • Resistant to dirt and liquids;
  • Some membrane capacitive switch can be flexible.

But on the downside, detractors of the membrane capacitive switch  cite several reasons why these capacitive switch  are no longer common in home and business PCs.

  • No tactile feedback to the user;
  • No capacitive switch references for typists.

Flexible automotive capacitive switch

Flexible capacitive switch are, well, flexible. As such, these are capacitive switch made of soft materials like silicone that allow the capacitive switch to be folded or rolled into a smaller size. Because of this, they are highly portable and are sought after by many small PC and tablet users who are constantly on the move. Automotive capacitive switch offer many advantages, including:

  • Highly portable and convenient;
  • Waterproof;
  • Almost silent operation;
  • Available in wireless or Bluetooth versions.

Summary It is important to point out that the automotive capacitive switch should always be stored in a place that does not pick up dust and does not keep any weight on top of the capacitive switch, because in both situations, both picking up dust and weighing on top of the capacitive switch can bring serious damage to keys and malfunction of your backlit capacitive switch.  

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