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Details of Flex & Rigid Membrane Switches
The circuit of membrane switches can be flex and rigid. It depends on the customer end application and also related to the cost budget and other considerations. For example, life, resistance, connection type on the mainboard, etc.

Usually if the membrane switches need assembled many LEDs, then we suggest to use FPC circuit, it can get more stable LED soldering quality. For the normal application the PET circuit is enough, which is more economical. In addition if the conductor pitch is 0.5mm, although we also can print it, but we still suggest to use FPC circuit. Because of that 0.5mm pitch is too small and it is easy to occur the short circuit problem.

For the Rigid circuit membrane switches, the circuit is rigid printed circuit board. The material of rigid PCB is usually FR4 and Copper. By this type of membrane switch, the connector usually is the SMD connector(sometimes also can be straight through connector). For some application which need very stiff capability, then use PCB circuit membrane switch.

Hotbar Lamination (Heatseal Lamination) of FFC and FPC Tail to PET/ITO/PCB/FPC Circuit Layer:
Sometimes the customer need use the separate FPC or FFC tail connected to the membrane switch PET or PCB or FPC circuit layer, and for the capacitive membrane switches also have such kind of application, then the hotbar lamination (or called pluse hot press lamination, or heatseal lamination) becomes necessary in these application fields. LUPHITOUCH is a professional manufacturer with such kind of lamination capability. We have such kind of assembly machine. We can hotseal the FFC/FPC tail to PET or FPC or PCB circuit of our manufactured membrane switches.

LuphiTouch is a high-tech enterprise for human machine interface assemblies.

A circuit of a switching circuit, including a switching connection and its leads, printed with a low resistance conductive coating and cured at low temperatures.The key part of the protruding part is to press the key body area on the mask layer with a roller press. According to the natural characteristic and concave-convex characteristic of the thin film switch material, there are strict requirements for temperature and pressure.

The basic form is as follows:

  • Line Slot: Switch side slot when in use.
  • Planar Bulge: used when the whole switch is above the surface of the panel. Bulbous: used for handling spherical keys.
  • protrusion + protrusion: not often used. The advantages of the raised button of the membrane switch are:
  • the decorative effect of the appearance of the membrane switch is improved.
  • the operator’s sense of touch is more sensitive.
  •  the exact range of a given bond body.
  • speed up identification.

Design to consider the following factors:

  • the need for special mold processing.
  • the ultimate temperature of the polyester is 50 ° C
  • and the expansion height can not exceed 1.5 times of the material thickness.
  • the plane projection shall be at least 3 mm or 5 mm from the edge.
  • the raised key on the frame line is at least 5 mm from the edge.
  • too much force will reduce the mechanical life (polycarbonate mask mechanical life should be able to run no less than 100,000 times) .

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