What is the difference between touch display module and touch screen

What is the difference between touch display module and touch screen

Touch display module and touch screen have certain differences in function and structure.

Touch screen, also known as “touch screen” or “touch panel”, the main function is to receive input signals such as touch. When the user touches a graphical button on the screen, the on-screen haptic feedback system drives various connected devices according to a pre-programmed program, thus enabling the operation of the device. With its simple, convenient and natural human-computer interaction, touch screen is widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers, cash registers, industrial fields, etc.

The touch display module is a more complex whole, which integrates a touch sensor and a display screen. The touch display module not only has the touch sensing function of the touch screen, but also has the ability to display image and video information. This means that the touch display module can not only detect the user’s touch operations, but also visually present the information to the user in the form of images or videos. Therefore, touch display modules play a vital role in smart devices such as smartphones and tablets.

In general, the touch screen mainly focuses on the touch sensing function, and the touch display module further integrates the display function to achieve the perfect combination of touch operation and visual display. Both play an important role in electronic devices, and together enhance the interactive experience between users and devices.

Posted by LuPhiTech......June.21,2024