What is touch membrane switches?

In today’s age of technology, there is a high demand for the accurate and comfortable interface solutions between the machines and human. When we design an application, the point to be noted is that it should provide the comfortable features and ease of access for the customers. The customers are liable the effective. That is why modern touch membrane switches play an important role.

touch switch

Touch Membrane Switch

switch touch circuit

Switch Touch Circuit

The touch membrane switches have specific performance according to the type of application. These switches have the critical and specific functions for the relative applications. The design of them shows the characteristic performance related to the suitable application.

This article will narrate you the fundamentals of these membrane switches. Moreover, it will also illustrate the requirements of these switches and how they contribute the successful and effective design. This article will help you enhance the quality and reliability of these membrane switches.

Touch membrane switches ,different from tactile membrane switch

The membrane switches are of two types. They can be tactile or non-tactile. The tactile switches are able to give the feedback to the user for the depressed key. In this way, the user comes to know about depressing the key.

While non-tactile switches don’t have metal dome. That’s why they are not able to generate the feedback to the user about depressing the key. In general, the user’s finger receives the feedback about the depressed key in the tactile switch. On the other hand, the user’s finger does not receive the feedback for the depressed key. What we are just introducing is Second kind of membrane switch, that is Touch membrane switch, with no tactile touch panel !

Circuit Design of touch membrane switches

The circuit of these touch membrane switches contain PET printed circuit, appropriate PCB Assembly unit, implanted control system programme together, in another one, add a graphic printed plasitc panel togeter. Become a full HIM operation panel. The PET printed circuit board is departed from masterboard PCB, When assemble touch membrane switch, they can be connected with soft terminal tail each other, by pluging method.

FPC Copper Material terminal tail

Display screen and masterboard all have the plastic connector housing at one end. The pitch of the terminal tail varies according to the functions of switch. The terminal tail can connect display screen to masterboard closely, transit digital signal each other when touch visual buttons on touch membrane switch better.

Fixed chassis and base for touch membrane switch

After texting properties for this membrane swith is ok, we should add an overlay on the top of it, in this way, the display screen and masterboard are all be protected. Its backside, should have adhesive insulatioln liner or built-in screws so that being fixed on the back panel.

The graphic transparent plastic overlay

Because the overlay is transparent or translucent, The pattern is clear underneath backlighting when user operate it, such switch works through lighting sense when you can touch any special area. These functions all depend on IC chip solid on the masterboard.

Moreover is has usage and utilization in the filtering of backlight displays. On the other hand, the translucent color has the wide applications in the removal of the blooming effect.

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