What should be paid attention to when printing conductive film panels?

printing process. When printing the conductive film panels, there are several important factors that need to be considered.

Firstly, it is crucial to pay attention to the printing of the light color block. It is recommended to print the light color block twice as much as possible. This ensures better coverage of the ink color, resulting in improved saturation. By doing so, the issue of ghosting, which refers to the unintended overlapping of colors during printing, can be effectively avoided.

In order to achieve the best results, it is advisable to choose a reputable and reliable company like Bright Key Electronic. They are known for providing the highest quality products and excellent after-sales service. When it comes to thin film circuit products, they are the go-to option.

Additionally, when printing footbath membrane switch panels, it is important to consider the specific requirements of this type of panel. The printing process should be tailored to suit the characteristics of footbath membrane switch panels. This ensures that the final printed product meets the desired standards and specifications.

In conclusion, when printing conductive film panels, special attention should be given to the printing of light color blocks, ensuring their coverage and avoiding color ghosting. Choosing a trusted company like Bright Key Electronic guarantees the best quality and after-sales service. Moreover, when printing footbath membrane switch panels, it is essential to consider their unique requirements. By following these guidelines, you can achieve optimal results in the printing process.

First disassemble the membrane switch panel, and then lift the upper layer of the press film. Use a multimeter to find out the connection position t of each button switch point and the circuit board to ensure that the modified switch connection point corresponds to the original one; 2. Use a positioning cone on each switch point of the base film to taper on the metal plate If the hole is well positioned, the size of the perforation is slightly larger than the actual size of the emblem switch according to the quilt column, so as to ensure that the emblem switch is not hindered from moving up and down in the hole according to the key column. If the hole is too small, it will affect the elasticity of the switch. The effect makes the switch fail; 3. Compare the distance of each small hole of the golden moon plate. Fix the emblem switch on the printing board, and connect the connection line according to the connection point corresponding to each switch. At the same time, according to the practical space position 2 between the metal plate and the display plate, leave the corresponding edge of the printing plate to fix the switch plate. Since the new switch board is located between the metal plate and the indicator light display board, it is also necessary to punch a hole corresponding to the indicator light position 2 of the display board on the printing board. In order to ensure that the light-emitting tube of the display board can see the display signal from the panel through the printed board. There must be a certain distance between the circuit and the two boards to prevent short circuit; 4. Embed the fabricated printed switch board in the hole corresponding to each button switch and the metal plate, so that the top of the button column is in contact with the metal plate. The fart board is parallel, if it exceeds the board surface too high, the outer panel film will press the switch and cannot be used after recovery. If it is too low, the switch will not work when it is pressed by hand. After embedding the broken switch board, use a rubber pad to flatten it for reuse, stick the left glue on the metal board, and then restore the outer protective film of the panel to its original position. After the modification process is completed, the modified switch board has a very good operating feel. . There is a clear shrapnel sound when pressing the button, giving a very intuitive switch on and off feeling. It has long service life, high reliability and convenient protection. If there is a problem with a switch during use, it can be directly judged and replaced by the sound of the shrapnel of the membrane switch button.

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