Why do so many FPC membrane key switches make membrane key switches, is it a wide range of applications or high profits?

Why do so many FPC membrane key switches make membrane key switches, is it a wide range of applications or high profits?

The scope of application is relatively wide, and there are many such manufacturers. I know Kangde Electronics in Dongguan, and we have cooperated with them, which is not bad.

Introduction of membrane keys

Metaldomearray is a PET sheet with contacts (including metal shrapnel, also called dome), which is used as a switch on circuit boards such as PCB and FPC, and plays an important role between the user and the instrument. The role of the tactile switch. Compared with traditional silicone keys, membrane keys have better feel and longer life, which can indirectly improve the production efficiency of various types of switches using conductive films. The contacts on the membrane button are located on the conductive parts of the PCB (mostly above the gold fingers on the circuit board). When the button is pressed by an external force, the center point of the contact is concave and contacts the circuit on the PCB, thereby forming a The circuit, the current passes through, the whole product can work normally.

What is a membrane switch, membrane switch uses

Membrane switches have been widely used in electronic communication, electronic measuring instruments, industrial control, medical equipment, automotive industry, smart toys, household appliances and other fields.

Analyze the standard parameter information of membrane switch

What are the requirements of membrane switches for keys?

China Membrane keypads Manufacturer- LuphiTouch ,analyze from two aspects:

1、The button is a crucial component of the membrane switch, as it is responsible for enabling the switch to function. When the button is pressed, it causes the shrapnel to rebound, thereby activating the switch. Therefore, the button must meet certain requirements in order for the membrane switch to work effectively.

2、It is essential that the center point of the installed metal shrapnel aligns perfectly with the center point of the conductive circuit. Additionally, the metal shrapnel must be securely fixed in place to avoid poor contact and lack of conduction. However, on the panel layer, the letters displayed on the key area are often abbreviated to save space. Moreover, the size of these letters is usually no more than twice the size of the metal dome. If the letters are too large, it can disrupt the balance and make it difficult to precisely position the metal shrapnel during operation.

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