Membrane switch assemblies is lamination structure

Membrane switch assemblies is lamination structure, its circuit is flexiable , printing silver ink or carbon ink on Plastic panel, metal dome control layer and adhesive insulation layer are laminated and assemblied together, the structure as the following chart.

membrane switch assemblies
flexiable electric circuit type

Membrane Switch is Security and Convenient

Such lamination control switch is thin,portable also have a good appearance, it is security due to this membrane switch is untilization under micro-electricity satus, almost any electricity shock attack occurred to human body.

Membrane Switch Assemblies Should be electrostatic discharge shielding

It is electrostatic discharge shielding because of all of its material is anti-elecrostatic. From top overlay, circuit printing substrate to adhesive insulation layer, these used material are all shielding electrostatic discharge. Meanwhile, our worker are always required to wear electrostatic discharge wristband when they assembly memebrane switches.

Its assemblies are ordered in line, layer number decided by customer’s demands and applications

Printed circuit layer as the bottom layer, added uper layer for dome buttons and keys control layer. On top of it , there is a indication layer, which is clear for the end user so that user can operate buttons and keys. These layers have their own functions accordingly. This a basic membrane switch.

Membrane Switch’s Other requirements

Sometimes customer have a special requirement, we need suggust customer to add backpanel or backlighting effective, in some special terms, the membrane switch require properties of water-proof , we will add water-proof washer on circuit printed layer.

Membrane Switch is lamination, user can only replace any layer if there is something wrong with membrane switch. So its repair and maintainment is so simply and convenient.

Posted by LuPhiTech......July.23,2024