silicone rubber keypads advantage

rubber keypad advantages

Ultimate Guide to Rubber Keypad Functionalities and Performance

In order to increase more comfortable feeling when ender user use control panels, people begin to try to design some of soft rubber keypads for replacing some of solid plastic button keypad. In the recent years, the progress in technology have brought the attention to better things. Therefore, keypads have silicone rubber design. They are soft and a good keypressing feeling, these keypads are named as silicone rubber keypads.

These keypads have a human design, but also they are vastly in use in the recent years. So people have found their application for a lot of devices. They seem to be fit and reasonable to provide the advanced features desired by the customers more.

These silicone rubber keypads have many advantages over the traditional plastic keypads. One of them is the flexibility and softness of the silicone rubber keypad. When we press the key on the silicone rubber keypad, it is compressed and deformed to the inward direction. Once your release pressing, it can be recovered in short time. On the other hand, it comes back to its original shape and pops up to regain the original status.

This deformation of the keypad is very crucial in order to demonstrate the keypress operation. In this way, people begin to recognize that silicone rubber material is so reasonable and feasible and becomes adaptive. This process prevents the customer to commit mistakes and errors during the keypress operation.

How do silicone rubber keypads work?

There are various and different methods to fabricate the silicone rubber keypads. But the most of these kinds have some features and characteristics in common. One of the fundamental part of the silicone keypads is the silicone rubber button. Below this switch button, an electrical contact is present. This electrical contact has a space later between the button and itself.

When we press the silicone rubber keypad, there connection establishes between the electrical contacts of the buttons. Thus, the connection between the electrical contacts narrates the silicone rubber keypad device that a key press has occurred.

An inert layer controls the functioning of the keypad. This inert layer is present within the keypad design. In fact, there is a space later between this inert layer and silicone button. When the user presses the button of the keypad, the contacts of the button and cavity connect.

In this way, the keypress operation goes to the device. If the user does not press the key appropriately, the contacts between the silicon button and layer do not connect. Thus the device does not recognize any keypress activity.

Silicone Rubber keypad advantages

These silicone rubber keypads have many advantages over the traditional keypads. They have numerous features that make them unique and exceptional in their performance and working. They have a design framework that is durable in the harsh conditions.

Moreover, they can withstand the controversial conditions and harsh environments. This is the reason, they are beneficial to use in many industries like construction and control panels of many devices.

Due to this capability of the silicone rubber keypads, they have an extraordinary use in the industrial work. The reason is that their performance and functionality is not affected from the harsh conditions of the environment. If they become in contact with any fluid or chemical, they don’t lose their functioning.

Let in the medical industry, its face contact with many fluids and chemicals and water. But they remain in the normal functioning. This property makes them the better choice for your product.

Membrane keypad have two big types

Plastic + Silicone Laminations United

However, the custom silicon keypads can be made of rubber of plastic. Both are the important ingredients of the keypads. People usually put the plastic buttons on the silicone rubber keypad, stick them together with glue. The top layer is stiff plastic layer, the lower lay is soft silicone rubber layer, its backside have many conductive pills on the center of backside of plastic buttons. the two layer build an operation panel.

The plastic buttons are beneficial if we want to have attractive motifs and looks. They allow the lightning designs and shiny look. Moreover, they are more adaptive in the environments with the low light.

Custom Free Shaped Silicone Rubber keypads

On the other hand, silicone rubber keycaps are advantageous when we want the soft and flexible look for our keypads. Silicone rubber keypads have a tactile look. They have an advantage that they are more adaptive to the feedback and user experience.

They show the inward compression on the key press and outward lift when we release the key. That is why they inhibit and reduce the chances of errors and mistakes.

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